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We love nothing more than healthy kids and happy families. And our clients couldn't agree more! Here's some of what they have to say about Lil' Chit-Chat...

"I was searching for a professional to help my daughter expand her vocabulary as well as understand how two way communication works. In the past month, I've noticed that she is initiating more communication and more importantly she is having fun with her new skills and the relationship that she's developed with Sabrina."

- Kenya, Parent

“Sabrina is absolutely amazing. She started working with my son, Connor shortly after his second birthday. Within a month I had already started to see improvement in his expressive language. He went from not attempting to speak to randomly repeating words or pointing to objects and saying the word. Each week I am in awe with his progress that I find myself texting Sabrina to share in the excitement.

Sabrina conducts Connor’s therapy session at his preschool twice a week. Connor becomes overjoyed when I tell him Sabrina is coming to “play” with him. Given I am not able to attend these sessions Sabrina proactively communicates with me what she worked on that week. Not only do I think Sabrina is amazing but several of Connor’s preschool teachers have told me they enjoy having Sabrina in the classroom and they too can see the improvement in Connor’s speech.

If you are looking for a professional, caring and effective speech therapist, I would highly recommend you give Sabrina the opportunity to work with your child!”

- Laura, Parent

"My daughter mastered her “r's” in only 8 weeks! Sabrina is great! She is very patient and nurturing. I felt my daughter was in very good hands."

- Ciri, Parent

“Sabrina is an incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable speech therapist whose work with our toddler has been inspiring to witness. Our 22 month old daughter enjoys her speech therapy sessions because Sabrina is so positive, kind and fun.

However, the work being done is intensive, organized and we can definitely see results. There are no words to describe how incredible I feel when we hear my daughter make a new sound during a session with Sabrina.

IOur daughter is making steady progress with her vocalizations and gaining confidence, attempting more sounds each time she meets with Sabrina. This is significant because prior to Sabrina, our daughter hardly made a sound. She was very quiet and only said a word or two; she didn’t even babble.

I appreciate that Sabrina also teaches me techniques along the way and gives me tips/information that help me to continue to positively encourage my daughter to make sounds/words in-between sessions.

Sabrina is a true professional and her work with our daughter is making a valuable, positive difference in her life; it is helping our daughter to learn how to communicate more effectively. We are extremely grateful and highly recommend Sabrina to others who could benefit from her expertise and professionalism.”

- Michelle, Parent

“It came as a blessing when we were introduced to Sabrina Besson-Conway, Speech-Language Pathologist, six months ago.

We had interviewed, and tested with, several highly recommended Speech Pathologists prior to meeting Sabrina; frankly, we felt like we would be part of a revolving factory of students.

Sabrina has such a bright and enthusiastic personality that she was able to draw in our children, making a tedious process for them fun and engaging. It is remarkable how Sabrina has made more progress with our two children in such a short period of time than they have made over YEARS of attending speech through our school system.

As our older child began middle school, the time pulled from class for speech was not only detrimental to his learning, but ineffective in helping him improve his speech issues.

We are both grateful and indebted to Sabrina for her support and time. Her guidance has most definitely improved our children's futures.”

- Tracy and Dan, Parents

“My eight year old daughter Ava was really struggling with her S and Th sounds. I am so thankful we were referred to Sabrina for private sessions.

Ava truly looked forward to seeing Sabrina at each and every meeting. She would come home and practice the "homework" Sabrina gave her as though she learned a fun game! I was impressed to see how quickly Ava's speech improved in such a short period of time.

Personally, I felt the one-on-one attention Ava had with Sabrina made her feel relaxed and comfortable enough to focus and do the work.

Sabrina is AMAZING!!! Ava completed her sessions with great success, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to help their children with speech issues.”

- Lynn, Parent

"Sabrina came into our lives at the perfect time. We have 27-month-old twin boys who struggled with their language development. We found that they spoke in “twin speak” and that they had difficulty communicating their needs to us.

After the first evaluation of our first twin, Sabrina found that she needed to do more observation before writing her assessment of him. She took the extra time to build a rapport with him, as he is shy by nature.

She came to our home two more times to really get to know him. After seeing both boys in their home environment, we got very complete evaluation of the boys and set goals for the next three months. We committed to twice a week in-home therapy for both boys and have already seen a huge improvement.

It has only been a little more then a month and the boys have increased their individual vocabulary and their ability to express themselves. They are imitating new words every day and they are even stringing two words together.

My husband and I are so pleased with Sabrina’s kind nature and her ability to connect with our sons.

She is also teaching us as a family how to communicate with the boys so that we reinforce the work that she does with them during their therapy. We are so proud of the boys and we can tell that through the positive reinforcement that they get from both Sabrina and us, they are proud of themselves too!"

- Laurie, Parent

“Sabrina is an exceptional speech therapist. She is passionate about her profession and shows great affection toward the child she works with. In our case she worked with my 5 year old grandson for 8 months once a week for a 45 minute session. At the outset she tested his speech and then gave us a report explaining the speech therapy goals he needed to meet. When the goals were met another written summary was given to me with his current level of performance & recommendation.

Sabrina is thoroughly professional. She presented well planned and organized lessons with new material, activities and/or games each session. At the end of each session Sabrina would explain what she had taught and what my grandson should practice until the next session.

My grandson liked Sabrina because she was so cheerful, positive, and encouraging yet firm in the kindest way. She also kept the activities moving along well which is necessary for an active 5 year old. It seemed like play but they worked hard. Sabrina put much energy into each session! Thus my grandson ended is lessons with Sabrina speaking clearly, making correct letter sounds for his age and spoke in complete conversational sentences. His goals had been met!

My family is most grateful to Sabrina for working with my grandson. I highly recommend her as a speech therapist. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I give her a 10+!”

- Kathie, Parent


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